ATHE 2013 Prezi on Reacting to the Past, Pedagogy, & Performance


Below is the Prezi I created for an ATHE 2013 panel on Pedagogy, Play, and the Undergraduate Theatre Classroom with Jim Wilson and Beth Schachter, with Shawna Mefferd Carroll as respondent. My presentation, “Playing with History: Role-Playing, Reacting to the Past, and Teaching Content via Performance,” was on Reacting to the Past pedagogy in theatre/performance and interdisciplinary classrooms.



  1. Wynn Creasy says:

    Wonderful stuff, Bethany. Clear and concise, makes perfect sense to me as a life-time teacher, and offers many advantages to the “typical” approach of teaching that reaches less than 33% of the classroom. Brava! Keep up the good work!

  2. bethanyholmstrom says:

    Thanks, Wynn. It really is a great pedagogy – Mark Carnes (the creator of RTTP) wrote a book on Reacting that should be coming out soon: keep an eye out for it if you’re interested…

  3. Robert Davis says:

    All my Prezi’s are very image-based, so it’s great to see one that handles text information so well. Congrats for coming up with all those diagrams and shapes — definitely make the Prezi experience more enjoyable than the vile PP drudgery (no offense to PP users).

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