"Confucius," Steve Webel. Flickr/CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.

Game Prep Prezi: Confucianism, Composition, & Reacting to the Past

In my composition class this January/February Fall II term at LaGuardia I’m running the Reacting to the Past game Confucianism and the Succession Crisis of the Wanli Emperor by Mark C. Carnes and Daniel K. Gardner. I plan on posting/writing more about using RTTP in composition and writing intensive classes, as the games work well with my aims when teaching comp and research. Students use primary sources to enter a debate while adopting defined roles, wrestle with the “big ideas” of a particular historical moment, get a sense of individual intellectual/historical agency, and craft argument-driven pieces to influence others. They perform their knowledge of the texts and the politics at play by forming alliances, plotting, and delivering speeches. There is typically a fair amount of content they must master and often the mechanics of the game can be bewildering when first encountered. I recently used Gingko to create a reading guide for students in the Trial of Galileo game, and I’ve used Prezi a couple times to introduce the “lay of the land” for other games. This is my latest effort to provide some context and a general sense of what lies ahead for my composition students during this short term. As always, feedback is welcome.


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