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Podcast Assignment (Part 3 of 3…I think.)

Several composition students from my spring class generously gave me permission to post their final products as models for other students and faculty members. As mentioned in prior posts (one on the initial “riff” assignment, the other with materials on the final project), students generated design plans – which included research narratives – to plot out their recordings. A few were surprised that their findings in interviews did not always support their initial projections: I would make sure and include a more reflective post-podcast assignment in the future, so students could respond to any unforeseen circumstances that arose.

As hinted at in the title, I think this will be my last post on this podcast assignment for a while: I’m sure I’ll tweak the materials for future iterations, but for the moment the things posted on this site give an overview of the major components I’ll draw on again.

But here’s the good stuff – the students’ work:

  • Andrea discussed the need for child care services for college students, particularly single mothers. She interviewed two college students who balance being a parent with their academic goals. You can read her design plan here via Dropbox and listen to her podcast on Dropbox as well.
  • Eleni explored misogyny, interviewing several colleagues to get a sense of their definition of misogyny. Her thoughts on how misogyny works and pervades everyday life are evident in her design plan here and her podcast here.
  • In Josue’s first podcast, he walked through several readings in class to talk further about race, imperialism, and colorism. Josue also examined  how colorism appears on social media and in Planet of the Apes. Read his design plan for his second podcast via this link (where you can clearly see how his first podcast contributed to his final project) and listen to his second podcast too.
  • Another student asked that her name not be used, but she wanted to share her thoughts on Muslims in America, drawn in part from her own experiences as a Muslim. She responded to what she perceived as a lot of misconceptions about Islam, and interviewed friends and family about discrimination and media depictions. Her design plan can be read here and check out her podcast here.

A few other students gave their consent for me to share their work, and I will try and add more to this list sooner rather than later. For the time being, I would like to thank these four students for their excellent work, and for sharing their thoughts and labor.

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