"Artificial Intelligence" by Glas-8. Available via Flickr.

Humanism, Science, and Technology Class-Generated Survey

Students in my Humanism, Science, and Technology capstone class – LIB 200 – generated a survey to gather data and opinions related to topics/discussions that have come up during our meetings (or virtually in our Slack chat forum). As I wrote about a bit earlier, our section is looking at Artificial Intelligence in sci-fi films and tv shows, and considering some of the current debates around AI development. Please fill out this short survey to help us out – thanks!


Header image:”Artificial Intelligence” by Glas-8. Available via Flickr.


  1. J Haas says:

    Thanks for survey-the real face of the singularity is the resolution of the top of the food chain vs the rest of humanity. We are near a tipping point when the top no longer need the rest of us in such large #s. No plot or evil cabal implied but the dynamics of over population & AI are I think underestimated. Ask the ? How will the meritocracy and AI deal with the global decay we are producing ?

  2. Dan G. says:

    This question:
    9. Do you think you would be able to tell the difference if you were having a virtual conversation with an AI or an actual human being?

    Needs to specify if the AI has surpassed my intelligence or not. But then, it’s possible Siri has surpassed my intelligence.

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