Capstone Class: Digital Media Projects

For their culminating project, students in my Humanism, Science, and Technology class were asked to create some kind of creative digital media project that touched on our class themes. LIB 200 is the capstone class for Liberal Arts majors at LaGuardia, and our section focused specifically on AI in sci-fi films and TV shows. The students embraced the challenge, and I wanted to take a moment to show off their fabulous work. Working individually or in groups, they first pitched a proposal to the class – getting feedback and crowd-sourcing ideas. Next, they drafted a design plan (which included a research narrative), and then executed the project. Choose-your-own-adventure Inklewriter projects, brochures to join a new church of the Singularity, a letter to the president, a podcast, a news report, several commercials: they used a variety of platforms and got quite inventive. Check out their projects and design plans on our class showcase site by clicking on the button below. The prompt for the project is also available on the site.


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